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         Dick Rhea has been a collector of pump organs for many years. He and his wife, Bernice, have traveled throughout the Midwest, including Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico and put over 34,000 miles on his pickup and trailer to retrieve these antique organs that he has purchased at auctions, from individuals and on e-bay.   He recently purchased the building at 117 N. Main Street in Sharon Springs, Kansas and has transformed it into a museum for his restored organs. 

        All of the organs on display are in working order.  Dick has restored the inside as well as the outside of all of these organs.  He was asked how many pieces were in an old organ so he counted the next time he worked on one.  Came up with 1133 pieces!    

        The public is welcome to stop by the museum on Sunday afternoons from 1:00-4:30.  Dick will open for special groups.  Special arrangements to see the organs may be made by calling him at 785-852-4951 or 785-821-1101.

Due to having no more capacity, we will not be purchasing any more organs.   Thanks, Dick and Bernice.

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